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The Book of Mazarbul

  • The Book of Mazarbul

The Book of Mazarbul is a record of the retaking of Moria by Balin and a group of dwarves in the Third Age. It is found and read aloud by Gandalf in 'The Fellowship of the Ring'. The last page contains the ominous lines 'the end comes soon. We hear drums, drums in the deep,' and the final, scrawled line 'they are coming.'

Tolkien developed a framing device for his stories in which they were tales that he had found and translated, instead of ones he had written himself. As part of this process, he created maps, documents and facsimiles; artefacts from his created world. One of the best-developed examples of this are entire pages of the Book of Mazurbul Tolkien created, calligraphed and then scourged himself, even though they never appear in any physical form in his published works. This linocut is adapted from one of Tolkien's own facsimiles.


Hand-printed using oil-based ink from Cranfield on premium, 51 gsm Okawara Select fine art paper from the legendary Awagami Factory in Japan.

Open edition, embossed with the Ox of St. Luke.

Unframed, 150 x 215 mm