Two Themes of Words

  • Two Themes of Words

Celtic knot design formed from two separate threads, inspired by the song of Lúthien before Mandos in Tolkien's 'Silmarillion'. Lúthien's song is said to be the most fair ever sung, weaving together the sorrow of the Elves and the grief of Men. The song also possesses a cyclical nature, so great in beauty that it is sung in the Undying Lands forever, 'beyond the hearing of the world'.

This block was originally designed for a print exchange hosted by @im_printed, based on the word 'circle,' and featured in the second issue of 1649.


Hand-printed using gold oil-based ink from Cranfield on premium, 51 gsm Okawara Select fine art paper from the legendary Awagami Factory in Japan.

4 Printers Proofs from the First Edition, embossed with the Ox of St. Luke.

Unframed, 210 x 210 mm